Etherwaker Help

Adding a new host

When you first start EtherWaker, it will not have any hosts in its host list. To add a new host to the list of hosts that you would like to wake up, press the Menu key on your Android device, and then select "Add Host" from the pop-up menu.

A new dialog window will appear, with three fields: Hostname, MAC Address and Broadcast Address

Enter the name of your new host in the box marked "Hostname". For, example, if your PC is named "grumpy", enter "grumpy" into the box.

Enter your new host's MAC address into the box named "MAC Address". The MAC address is a twelve-digit hexidecimal address that is unique to the ethernet card in your PC. You can find this address in your operating system's network settings. The mac address digits should be in groups of two digits, and the groups must be separated by colons. For example: 0a:34:5c:2d:53:11

The third box, "Broadcast Address" is optional; leave this box blank. If you need to send directed broadcast packets, see below for more information.

When you have entered the details of your new host, press "Confirm".